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WinterDaze, MixOne by Dino & Terry (Strictly House Music)
April 01, 2011 10:06 AM PDT
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dattrax: I got this tape from a friend (who is now a house producer and DJ) back before Industry Nightclub closed down. My memory of the timeline is foggy. But it was like Christmas morning to me listening to this wicked tape. I cherished this tape. Played the crap out of it in my Aiwa walkman cassette player; no Sony's are called walkmans.

Beginning to end the house music flows from song to song and it's just beautiful. If anyone can listen to this beginning to end and not like house music, there's no hope- they'll be stuck in the top 40 world of crap.

Dino & Terry have been rocking crowds in Toronto with their sophisticated brand of deep & vocal infused house music since before I got into house in early 1990. I just attended two parties recently in 2011 by Studio+ and they killed it!! Jim, my best friend and DJ partner turned to me at the last party in the middle of DT's set and said "If we close our eyes, then we'd be 19 again". The music created such an unbelievable vibe that night- just like the old warehouse days.

WinterDaze, MixTwo by Dino & Terry (Strictly House Music)
April 01, 2011 10:27 AM PDT
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dattrax: Dino & Terry are legends in the Toronto House Scene since mid-1980s. A lot of people went to parties they DJ'ed at and got hooked! A handful of DJs influenced thousands to love, dance to, make or DJ house. This two part mix is just a small representation of what their music is like. Always top shelf. Classy. Proper house music.

There are right now three mixes by Dino & Terry at Toronto HOUSE DJ Mixes on Facebook:

Can't wait till their next installment, hopefully before spring 2011

BTW.. 'Yes', I got permission from Dino to do this. And Aki for the other two mixes on this site.

"1996" by AKI, mixone (Strictly Classic House, Vocal House, Deep House)
March 03, 2011 11:09 AM PST
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I only got into the Toronto Underground House scene as a party goer in 1990-1991, I was 16 and in grade 11. My friend Noel Nanton got me into house, he was a grade up and in the same highschool. Noel was also an awesome DJ and producer (he would mix on two belt drive turntables with no pitch controls and a tiny radio shack mixer with no single channel EQ's). I can't find him, so Noel if you're reading this, contact me.

There would be illegal 'warehouse parties' every Saturday night starting at 1am and finishing at 5am-7am. There would be 6-8 different spots House Headz would wander to even if they weren't told by anyone. They were usually by Spadina & Dundas, or Bathurst & King, or Richmond & Peter, King & Dufferin or that whole strip down at Wellington and a bunch off the beaten path.

No flyers or flyer people, no text messaging, no email, no facecrack, no cell phones used by the masses (i think i got my first motorola cantel in '93 and it was huge- probably fit inside a box of straws)- super low tech. Word of mouth only.

Sometimes there would be a guy standing at one of the usual locations telling people where the party really was. There were about 5-6 promoters that I can remember, that's it.

The spaces were just holes in the wall, pitch black, sometimes a light bulb or two or some candles. I can't believe we weren't scared going to abandoned warehouses and buildings or real estate properties that were in construction or temporary vacant. It looked like they broke in, plugged in the power and threw a party!

Last call in Toronto was at 12:45am and no one served booze after 1am. But at the warehouses, $5 cover and $5 a luke warm beer in a cheap plastic cup. No anti-smoking, so smoked filled rooms. I remember smoking in shopping malls and movie theatres still (at least at an Asian movie theatre at Dundas & Spadina).

Sometimes no washroom facilities, but every time you'd have to go line up 20mins before you needed to go. Usually no toilet paper. Now no one will go anywhere unless the place looks like millions were spent.

The crowd was awesome. Every party... you'd walk in and there would be 50-100 people with their hands in the air, smoke everywhere, no one just standing around staring at people. You actually couldn't do that because there wasn't enough light.

All types of people, young & old, black & white, housers & hip-hop guys, gays & straights, you name it. They came for the two turntables, mixer and a few bass bins and a few hallow sounding speakers set up in a corner near the DJ area (no booths).


"1996" by AKI, mixtwo (Strictly Classic House, Vocal House, Deep House)
March 03, 2011 10:38 AM PST
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At that time every weekend we'd fork over the $5 bucks to listen and dance to our favourite DJs like Mark & Aki, Dino & Terry, Peter, Tyrone and Shams, known as "PTS", DJ Eric Ling & Patrick "D-Nice" Hodges.

The second wave of DJs we'd always partied to were: Kevin Williams (although Kevin was my first experience with live house music at Go-Go's on Richmond St. and later on Kat Club near Church St., I don't recall going to many warehouses where he spun at), Dave Campbell & Jason Palma.

Jim, my best friend of many years and DJ Partner grew up listening to these guys. I don't know who else has fond memories from those times like we do, but these guys were legends in our minds and because of them, we grew to love house music, loved to dance till the AMs, and got into DJing.

Classic house tracks got a lot of attention those days because not very much of it was coming out in Toronto. They may have been 10-30records coming out each week, but I doubt that much. The hot ones got scooped up by the same dozen DJs. People would know the songs after a few weeks because everyone had the same tracks. And for bedroom DJs, we would have the vinyls, make our own mixed tapes, buy or get mixed tapes from DJs and go to parties that played the same tracks. It sounds boring, but it wasn't, every DJ had their own style and it was amazing fun!!

This mix that AKI made is incredible and beautiful from start to finish. The end of side B is a little warped sounding because I mangled the original tape playing it so much (burned out a ton of walkmans).

THANK YOU AKI for one of the best house mixed tapes I ever got!!

The way he brings in the tracks, the flow, and the house music... WOW. Makes you want to stomp it out. This is what we looked forward each saturday after working all week at our crappy, low paying jobs.

This mix might not do anything to you if you weren't part of that era, but who knows maybe some newbies will enjoy this two special part mixes of Toronto history.

Cheers, dattrax

BTW... These two mixes are originally from a double sided cassette tape made in 1996 by AKI. Mixed at his home, recapturing his famed "Mark & Aki" parties. Mixed on two technics 1200's vinyl turntables and a mixer. There were no single channel EQ's on both channels/line in's in those DJ mixers back then. Which makes these two mixes even more incredible.

Enjoy, dattrax